Available Courses

Internet Champions

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism's (DEDAT) number one priority to make sure that all internet newbies know how to make the most of the internet.

The Internet Champion Initiative/Course, is a digital literacy programme developed to ensure that the citizens have a basic understanding of the internet and how it can work for you.

The course consists of seven 2-minute animations covering the basics about being connected, such as: What is the Internet?, What is WiFi?, Online Safety, and more.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion from the Western Cape: Department of Economic Development and Tourism

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Digital Literacy Essentials 101

Digital Literacy Essentials 101 are free online courses covering the basics of digital literacy. It consists of 12 courses covering topics such as computing fundamentals (hardware, software etc); productivity programs (spreadsheets, word processing, presentations etc); online browsing and communications including online etiquette. A badge is issued on completion of each course

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