Analyzing and predicting heart failure on IBM Cloud

Course Description

You are a busy developer, a data scientist or a user with not much coding experience and want the fastest path delivering data insights to users, but this requires deep expertise in many technology domains. In this skill, you will earn a powerful tool called Jupyter Notebook which contains live code, equations and visualizations to build a machine learning model that demonstrates ways to predict heart rate failure.After creating this predictive model, inputs that are entered can be scored to form a prediction for an individual case. Note that this application is used for demonstrative and illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an offering that has gone through regulatory review.

Course Modules

1. Getting started
2. Introduction
3. Flow of the use case
4. Introduction to the New components
5. What are Notebooks
6. What is PixieDust
7. What is Spark
8. More info on components and technologies
9. Exercise: Analyzing and Predicting heart failure on IBM Cloud
10. objectives
11. Deploy the testing web applicationobjectives
12. Create a machine learning service instanceobjectives
13. Bind your Watson Studio projet to the Watson Machine learning serviceobjectives
14. Create and run a notebook in IBM Watson Studioobjectives
15. Deploy the model as a scoring service using the web UIobjectives
16. Deploy the saved predictive model and test itobjectives
17. Assessment (Quiz)objectives
18. Wrap up (Summary & Next steps)objectives

Course Duration

Course Time Allocation: 4 hours 30 minutes
Additional time: 30 minutes


Badge Issued