Predict Employee Turnover using IBM Watson Studio

Course Description

Data Science is the discipline of acquiring data, finding insights, and sharing discoveries in all this data. The amount of data is always increasing along with its complexity. Data Scientists systemize it and make sense of it. Get a taste of Data Science process by predicting employee turnover in a company. You will be provided with a data set and use IBM Watson Studio tool.

Course Modules

1. Get started
2. Data is fundamental
3. What is IBM Watson Studio (previously Data Science Experience)
4. How does IBM Watson Studio work
5. Exercise: Predict Employee Turnover
6. Objectives
7. Watson studio overview
8. Create an IBM Watson Studio
9. Clean the data using Data Refinery
10. Build, train and evaluate Machne Learn models
11. Deploy and test the models
12. Assessment (Quiz)
13. Wrap up (Summary & Next steps)

Course Duration

Course Time Allocation: 3 hours
Additional time: 30 minutes


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