Build your first IoT Application: Node-RED: Basics to Bots

Course Description

In this skill journey, you’ll learn how to use the Node-RED flow editor. It can be used to wire application components together or you can also connect physical devices (or their simulations) to create an Internet of Things (IoT) application. In this journey you will make a chatbot application. It is recommended to complete the Internet of Things course from the Explorer journey. It offers basic overview of IoT and its principles.

Course Modules

1. Getting started with Internet of Things and Node-RED
2. Objectives
3. Glossary of Technical terms
4. Introduction to Node-RED
5. Introduction to Internet of Things
6. Using Node-RED to create Internet of Things Applications
7. IBM Internet of Things Projects in Africa
8. Exercise 1: Create your first Node-RED flow
9. Exercise 2: Build a web page and create a REST API in Node-RED
10. Exercise 3: Translate text, Analyse Tone, Add Audio, and send Tweets from your Node-RED Application
11. Exercise 4: Create cognitive web pages and messenger bot
12. Exercise 5: Use Node-RED & GitHub to create a video captioning Application
13. Assessment - Quiz
14. Wrap Up

Course Duration

Course Time Allocation: 3 hours
Additional time: 30 minutes


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