Build your Voting Application using Blockchain

Course Description

Blockchain applications extend far beyond business. It can be used in any system that requires transactions, be that business or politics. Blockchain-based voting has added value in terms of fairness and security of the votes in comparison with Internet-based voting. In this course you will utilize blockchain to create a voting application. It will not only make process of voting efficient but will also ensure that no vote is tampered with.

Course Modules

1. Introduction to Blockchain
2. Unit objectives
3. What is a blockchain
4. Benefits of using Blockchain for voting
5. Exercise: Build your Voting application using Blockchain
6. Exercise Overview
7. Set up the Hyperledger composer playground
8. Define Components
9. Define Traction Logic
10. Add Participants
11. Add Assets
12. Cast your Votes
13. Assessment (Quiz)
14. Wrap up (Summary & Next steps)

Course Duration

Course Time Allocation: 3 Hours and 30 minutes
Additional time: 30 minutes


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