Build your car Auction application on Blockchain

Course Description

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology that allows any participant in the network to see the one system of record. It is an emerging technology that can radically improve banking, supply chain etc. and can create new opportunities for innovation. In this course you will learn about Blockchain through practice! And create an application that imitates a car auction

Course Modules

1. Introduction to Blockchain
2. Unit Objectives
3. What is Blockchain
4. Why is it Blockchain
5. Components of a Businesss Blockchain
6. Benefits of Blockchain in Business
7. Exercise: Build a car auction application on Blockchain
8. Exercise overview
9. Set up the Hyperledger Composer Playground
10. Business Network Definition
11. Add participants
12. Add assests
13. Add a vehicle listing
14. Submit offers on the vehicle
15. Closing the bidding
16. Assessment (Quiz)
17. Wrap up (Summary & Next steps)

Course Duration

Course Time Allocation: 3 hours
Additional time: 30 minutes


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