Create your own Web page

Course Description

You need to learn how, what, where to code and then, once the code is ready, how to deploy it for the whole world to see. In this course we will help you create an end-to-end professional looking static web page, assuming you know nothing about coding. You will setup your own development environment, create your first web page (similar to About IBM page) from scratch and then deploy it on IBM Cloud through which your page can be accessed from anywhere and on any device!

Course Modules

1. Getting started
2. Web Development
Overview 3. Introduction to
HTML, CSS & JavaScript 4. Introduction to
Node.js 5. Introduction to
Command Line interface (CLI) 6. Exercise: Creat
e and deploy the "About IBM" Page 7. Assessment
8. Wrap up (Summary & Next steps)

Course Duration

Course Time Allocation: 4 hours
Additional time: 30 minutes


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